Thursday, July 28, 2005

Get and install DocLife BRM Add-in

You can download the DocLife BRM Add-in for Outlook XP/2003 here (not yet freely available. Please contact morten.marquard@gmail.com for details).

DocLife BRM Add-in for Outlook is freely available for private users. Corporate users can test it for one month before purchasing a license.



Once downloaded you can install the Add-in by double clicking on the installer. You need to re-start Outlook before the Add-in will show up in Outlook.

When you open Outlook the first time after you have installed the DocLife BRM Add-in you'll be prompted to enter your profile. You then need to enter your ID from the various networks you are member of.

During setup DocLife Add-in will try to locate the above ID's automatically, provided that you are logged into the various social networks from your internet browser.

You can find the ID's manually as follows:

Finally you must enter the folder where you wish to place your social networking contacts. From default this is set to DocLife. If you wish to place your contacts in your standard Outlook Contact folder, in English version of Outlook Contacts, remove DocLife from the field making it empty.

When you start Outlook after the installation a new menu is added .

Posted by Morten Marquard at 2:16 AM