Monday, August 22, 2005

Welcome - social networking

As a heavy user of various social networks such as LinkedIn, Ecademy and OpenBC I often find it difficult to manage contacts and profiles across these networks. These tools allow me to upload the my Outlook contacts - but how do I download them?

Missing these features I decided to add them.

Another issue is identifying where emails comes from, i.e. which people and companies. Outlook displays the from address - but what is the company? Rather than having to look up people manually in my address book, I decided to let the computer do this job. Result: A company column is added to the Outlook Inbox so I can instantly see who the mail was from.

For your benefit I have decided to share these features with you! I only ask that you provide me with feedback, link with me on LinkedIn and introduce the tool for two friends.

Posted by Morten Marquard at 3:01 PM


Nice! I know that www.octopuscity.com allows you to sync contacts from webmail accounts and LinkedIn, but not sure about others.
Posted by Blogger Nicole on 12:15